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Kalws Hr8ate Sto #Greece - Welcome to the Greece room

Welcome to Hellas - the land of Zeus. Here you'll find your best friends on the web. Enjoy the Pita Souvlaki with Tsatsiki, drink some Ouzo and let's do the Syrtaki. 

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[ Search ] Need to find your friends? Type !seen nick in the chatroom. You can also use *wildmask* for your searches. Remember, the nick you search for, will be informed that you were looking for them ;-) 

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[Report Abuser] There are different kind/class of people on WebChat. The Chatroom doesn't take any responsibility for what a user does or behaves with you in private message to you. To prevent Abuse, type /silence <+nick>. In case, issue is on channel mains, /join #Ophelp & report Abuse. Contact @Operators in case the private message Abuse continues often.